Word Wrangling, The Ultimate Career and Other Stuff

March 20, 2012


Someone posted this quote by C.S. Lewis recently. At first I was surprised Lewis even said something like that, his thoughts and work always seemed to revolve around high falutin’ scholarly stuff.

β€œThe homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career. ”
— C.S. Lewis

And then I thought, “….. well, yeah. I guess that is right.” Interesting!


My pal Rena has a funny post on her blog Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Glorified Names for Jobs. So true! I love how she invented some special names for her own jobs. So I thought of my job and tried to create some fancy titles for it. It was great fun! How are these?

Independent verbological graphist
Verbological specialist
Unaffiliated expositor
Autonomous wordsmith
word slinger
ghost writer
Independent verbarian

? I guess I’m not very good with euphemisms. I can sure appreciate them, though! Hahahaha!


I think spring has really and truly come to Upstate New York. Three weeks early! We Northeasterners are all wandering around outside in our lawns, mouths agape and eyeballs big. When I was a kid, I remember spring coming in March but that hasn’t happened for a long time. The robins are back and they are noisier than I ever recall. I can hear their high-pitched laughs echoing throughout the whole neighborhood. I never saw such super-happy birds!And our grass is growing! I guess I’d better get the snow tires off the car, huh?


Last night, I spent about 45 minutes writing a very complicated and involved post about how to protect yourself from Facebook tracking your online behavior. Even when you log out, Facebook watches where you go and stores it all. Google does the same thing, of course. My post was how to get rid of those tracks. Well, it was late last night so I decided to finish the post for the next day. As I went to “save” the draft, my blog reloaded the page and the entire article was gone. *poof* I searched and searched, hoping that my browser perhaps saved it somewhere. Nope. Gone. In the past, I might have screamed or cried or thrown a book or something. But this time I just sat there, stunned. Wow. The post just totally disappeared. Crazy.


And now I will leave you with a smile, with some funny pictures I’ve found. πŸ™‚ Have a good day.

4 Responses to “Word Wrangling, The Ultimate Career and Other Stuff”

  1. Secondary Roads Says:

    Independent verbological graphist? Works for me. πŸ˜‰
    Bat Man is great!
    Chuck Norris is best of this group.

  2. Lin Says:

    I like this post–full of good stuff! πŸ™‚

    I’d like to hear your thoughts on FB…and well…all other tracking. I know it is unavoidable, but if I can do SOMETHING to limit it, I’d be interested to hear. The other day, some blogger linked some ridiculous sheets on Cabelas–they were bones or something really strange–and I went to laugh at it. NOW I’ve got Cabelas ads popping up all over my stuff with those damn sheets on it! It’s hilarious! They think they are so smart, don’t they??? Fools.

    It’s downright hot here this week and I don’t have any of my summer stuff out to wear. I’m sweating like a pig. I think I’m gonna be grateful when it goes down to 60F this weekend.

  3. Susi Says:

    Losing an entire post has happened a few times to me and I still scream and curse every time that happens. Glad to hear you are feeling Spring in the air. Enjoy it. πŸ™‚

  4. Rena Says:

    Awww thanks for the mention!!

    I love your new job titles!! We should make
    job title buttons and wear them out together
    sometime ha!

    Love the pictures, the Chuck Norris one is
    hilarious. I loved the I love Lucy show!!

    I also loved Carol Burnett and The
    Honeymooners… I need to save up for
    all of the dvd collections!!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!