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September 16, 2010


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I am frequently asked by women and fellow women bloggers how to work at home. I work at home full time (well, only part time since I started this kitchen renovation, but I AM supposed to work full time!). That, right there, is actually one of the beauties of working at home: if there is some big home project that needs attention, you can give it attention and not have the boss breathing threats down your neck!

I’ve written a few sporadic posts here and there about working at home. I think I am inspired to write my story, and perhaps write a “How To” post, as well. For many years, I’d wanted to work online but had no idea where to begin. My entry into the online world was through blogging and, later, freelance writing. I’ll have more posts about how I went about this in the future. For now, if you are curious about what exactly IS working online, here’s a work at home forum you can check out, from the folks at The forum is chock full full of questions, advice, conversations, and other information that may help you get a grasp on the subject. while I am new to this website, I took a look around and saw that it does offer some good stuff. Best of all, the website has a list of available work at home jobs– you can peruse the daily 30,000 job entries and qualifications, and get a taste of what employers are asking, expecting, etc. There’s also an active work at home jobs community on the site, very important. In my early days, I was a frequent forum poster; it was immensely helpful to get advice and tips from those who blazed the trail before me. has a forum of nearly 70,000 members, so that’s a plus. And if you have your own website, you can place a small embedded widget for you and your readers to search the job database. Nice!

So if you’re looking to get your feet wet and test the WAH waters, here ya go: And I’ll be blogging more about, too.
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