Work Work Work

October 11, 2012


Boy, have I been neglecting this blog or what. You’d think I was on vacation or something.

Well, I’m definitely not on vacation, but I have taken some time off work. Winter is fast approaching so we are scrambling to batten down the hatches. I am *still* working on the enormous bookcase project — 4 huge bookcases set atop cabinetry! — and I have a flurry of other large carpentry and garden projects to complete yet. So I’m sorry for my lack if attention here…

One highlight of the project — corner clamps. I love these! I spotted them at the home improvement store and figured I’d try them on my project. Best decision I made! They hold the ends of the plywood perfectly together, very nice tool!


I go back to work Monday so I have a whole lot to do until then… I’ll try to give an update before then. Thanks for your understanding!


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One Response to “Work Work Work”

  1. Susi Says:

    Wishing you continued luck on all your projects. I remember my parents getting things ready for winter. We luckily don’t have to worry about that here. It’s still so hot… I wish it would cool off a little already! šŸ™‚