Writer’s Workshop for 9/29

September 30, 2010


Mama's Losin' It For the Writer’s Workshop, I chose #4:

4.) Signs that your little one is just not that into you anymore.

It’s a sad, sad thing when your little one isn’t “into” the mommy anymore. šŸ™ Here are the signs:

She just doesn’t clamber up into your lap like she used to. Now, she finds the couch or her own little “pad” more comfy.

Livvy Under Desk 3

She doesn’t pose so nicely for the camera anymore, like she used to.

Sweet Olivia Cat

She’s found her own mode of transportation now.

Livvy Laundry

No more Peek-A-Boo or other fun games like the “old” days.

Find the Kitty

She started hittin’ the nip.

Catnip 3

She found other confidants.

Livvy and Stuffy Kitty

She think you are “old fashioned” and your wardrobe is so early 2000s.


Won’t help out around the house.


But she’ll ALWAYS be my little baby.

Livvy 5


2 Responses to “Writer’s Workshop for 9/29”

  1. Secondary Roads Says:

    Thank you so much. I’m going to be okay now that I’ve had my Livvy fix for the day. Midnight says, “Hey.”

  2. RE - POD313 TechTips Says:

    awwwww she’s so cute. I love those pics telling the story. cats have so much emotion in their faces. hey stop by sometime, we still have you linked in our sidebar, even though you never visit us anymore šŸ™