Yay for Kim Komando!

May 10, 2010


Kim Komando, one of my early mentors into computer geekdom, is now making videos. And I am really pleased to see her address the problems of unConstitutional violations of our rights by the government. In this video, she discusses that the government can and will search and seize any of our electronic data when we travel– phones, address books, laptops, and even digital photos on our cameras– all without reasonable cause or a search warrant. And the government has said that these searches and seizures have nothing to do with safety– they’re just doing it because they can. Moreover, they now classify our country’s border to be 100 miles deep. UNBELIEVABLE!

I’m really glad to see Kim take a stand on this. It seems that in the past, she has reported this stuff, but hasn’t really gone far enough to express her outrage or that the government’s actions are clearly unConstitutional (and clearly illegal). I’m glad to see her be so tact in her presentation. Yay, Kim!

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