You Know You Live In Upstate NY When…

October 1, 2008


It’s time for my annual Jeff Foxworthy-esque post, “You Know You Live In Upstate New York When..”!
I’m from Upstate and I find this hilariously comical. And I love those Jeff Foxworthy jokes.

It may be a little early– just a tad early– to be thinking about winter in Upstate. But I really believe that winter will be here sooner and last a little longer this year. Nothing bad about being prepared!

You Know You Live in Upstate New York when:

  • You know several people who have hit a deer more than once.
  • You often switch from “heat” to “A/C” in the same day and back again.
  • You can drive 65 mph through 2 feet of snow during a raging blizzard, without flinching. (Been there, done that)
  • You install security lights on your house and garage and leave both unlocked.
  • You carry jumper cables in your car and your wife knows how to use them.
  • You design your kid’s Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit.
  • Driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow.
  • You know all 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction.
  • You can identify a southern or eastern accent.
  • “Down south” to you means Corning.
  • Your neighbor throws a party to celebrate his new shed.
  • You go out for a fish fry every Friday.
  • Your 4th of July picnic was moved indoors due to frost.
  • You have more miles on your snow blower than your car.
  • You find 10 degrees “a little chilly.” 😉
  • I like winter (except for paying the atrocious heating bills). I’m looking forward to snow again.

    Arbor at Daybreak


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    6 Responses to “You Know You Live In Upstate NY When…”

    1. Ivanhoe Says:

      Hahahaha… Thank you for the chuckle, I needed that today. And yes, it vaguely reminds me my neck of the woods, NE Ohio :o)

    2. Karen C. Says:

      The Corning one and the fish fry one made me giggle. I remember my grandfather and his friends were seriously into the Friday Fish Fry.

    3. memorialgarden Says:

      cracked me up totally…
      except that i am yet to get used to the snow… and I have hit a deer twice!

    4. chilly Says:

      LOL Awesome post! Give me New York and the snow anytime. 🙂

    5. TheSnackHound Says:

      Gee…I thought you were talking about Wisconsin. The only giveaway is that there was nothing to do with cheese on the list. I do remember the 6′ snow drifts well, however.

    6. akaGaGa Says:

      Okay, there are some good chuckles here. However, I have NEVER hit a deer (several squirrels,woodchucks, and the occasional skunk were not so fortunate) and we didn’t even bother with the security lights.

      My major objectionto this post, though, is that we’re going to visit my mother-in-law this weekend – and we’re going to camp in our pop-up. It does have a little propane heater, but I don’t want to shovel off the picnic table before the rest of the family arrives!

      No snow! Not yet!