You’ve Got a Friend Indeed

December 19, 2009


I just love my kitty to little itty bitty bits! She follows me around the house like a little puppy dog… and when I’m not feeling so hot and to go bed to lay down, she follows me upstairs, to lay on my feet. Every once in a while she gets up, comes to my face to nuzzle me, to make me feel all better, and then goes back to my feet. What a sweet baby!


In other news, did you WordPress users realize the new version is out, WordPress 2.9? I think I’m starting to get Update Lag. I’m really grateful that WordPress has made it so easy to update now, but I have 10+ blogs.. and I have to go backup the entire database before I update all the blogs… and then I have to update the plugins for each blog! How about you? Have you updated yet? I hear there are some very nice features with this one (like media management), so I’m happy about it… I’m just tired of updating all the time.

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6 Responses to “You’ve Got a Friend Indeed”

  1. Penny Raine Says:

    yep I had a bunch to update too, long process, haven’t even had time to find out how I like it yet :)I think if I deleted several plugins I am not even using it might go a little faster

  2. Penny Raine Says:

    o and I simply adore your kitty, we ended up with one that has sort of soft orange cream tabby points, I need to take a pic and show you, God is so creative

  3. blueyes Says:

    It’s not that bad. I have my databases emailed to each gmail address attached to the specific domain and I push a button and it auto updates WP for me. Same with all the plugins. It was annoying when I had to do it all manually.

  4. Lynne Says:

    I haven’t done it yet. (I know you’re not surprised!). The last time I updated WP, my comment email responder quit working right. I’m still trying to figure that out (not putting much effort into it) and don’t want anything else to break while updating!

  5. Lin Says:

    Nothing like a good kitty friend. šŸ™‚

  6. Rebecca Says:

    Love the kitty, she’s beautiful!
    No, I haven’t updated any of my blogs, I’m AFRAID to! I was told that it could mess up everything…if that happened I wouldn’t know how to fix it.
    You were an artistic skater? Wow! You must miss it…? I didn’t skate for 20 years.