Ze Jewels of Denial

May 30, 2008


Doesn’t that sound so exotic? Jewels of denial… It reminds me of those old movies I saw, Far Pavilion, A Passage to India, Jewel in the Crown… images of dimly-lit rooms, beaded curtains, and bejeweled ladies come to my mind.

Jewels of Denial is a website. It’s not exactly exotic, but it has a beautiful collection of lovely, and what I would consider, exotic pieces. Look at this earring set. Does that look exotic to you? I think it is exquisite. They are Diamond-Inlaid Teardrop Chandelier Earrings and the sale price is… wow, it’s pretty incredible. Take a peek and see. These would make a lovely gift for a graduating young lady, or as an anniversary present, or anything! (I’ve bookmarked this site, by the way).

They also have some absolutely adorable little ladybug earrings. I love ladybugs! They are so sweet! Dolphins, butterflies, ducks, and more. There’s also a ton of other beautiful pieces– necklaces, pendants, bracelets, very nice rings (wowsa, they are nice!), and more. Prices are outstanding. Signing up for the newsletter will get you a coupon for 20% off. This is a Frugal Hacks dream come true! Seriously, the prices are incredible.

When I was younger, fine jewelry wasn’t very important to me. Now that I am older (and very, very much wiser, lol) I appreciate fine-crafted jewelry. Check out Jewels of Denial for some classy stuff, for young and… not so young. 😉

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