ZooStores New Blog

June 29, 2012


Are you sitting at the computer too long? Not getting in much exercise? Is your sedentary butt growing by the week?! LOL, look what I found!

I actually kind of like it! I don’t think I could use it, though. It’s difficult enough, sitting in my chair like a lump, trying to concoct educational and witty articles and blog posts for work– skipping along on a treadmill would be impossible. I sweat, and glasses would jiggle off my nose…

I found the item on the ZooStores new eCommerce blog. The blog very, very new but it’s kind of cute! Anyone who uses LOL Dogs on their blog has got to rock, haha! The blog is going to offer guides on how to do things and will highlight new products and all the nifty stuff from the actual store, ZooStores.com. I LOVE that store. I have been searching for a new office chair (hence the treadmill discovery) because the one I have aggravates sciatica. ZooStores has the best prices around, in my opinion (and free shipping, to boot). I like the blog, I hope they update it frequently with new posts. There’s a wittiness about the blog that’s appealing. 😉 If you like keeping up to date on stuff like this (or if you are like me and need to do so for your job), subscribe to their RSS feed.

One Response to “ZooStores New Blog”

  1. blueyes Says:

    Insurance companies have those, you are only supposed to go like a 1 mph or something. Whatever a comfortable pace for you is that you aren’t huffing and puffing. I did almost 5 miles last night with 2.5 of them running and I was drenched when I finally stepped off the sucker.